The History of 62 Castle Street Hotel

Liverpool is famous for its historical architecture, and 62 Castle Street Hotel is one of the city’s many Grade II Listed buildings. Located on the west side of Castle Street, the building was originally designed and constructed in 1868 by the architects Lucy and Littler on behalf of the Alliance Bank. The design took a plain stone facade and embellished it with carved balustrades, cornices, swags, arches, and pilasters. The building also had a nautical flavour, as you might expect in a major port city, with ship prows projecting out of the spandrels of the second floor windows.

After only a couple of years, the Alliance Bank was on the brink of collapse and forced to sell its Liverpool branch (and its impressive new building) to the National Bank. The great, domed banking hall is still a major architectural feature of the hotel and proved appealing to other banking firms over the decades. The North and South Wales Bank made it their primary financial centre outside of Wales, since Liverpool was regarded as the region’s commercial metropolis.


In 1986, the building became the Trials Hotel, named for the law courts that had recently opened on the other side of Derby Square. Thanks to its proximity, it was a popular stop for visiting judges, barristers, and solicitors, as well as other visitors to the city.


The Trials Hotel soon earned a reputation as one of the top bars and hotels in Liverpool and would continue to be successful for almost two decades. In 2004, it was bought out by a hotel chain, who refurbished the interior to deliver a high standard of accommodation, renaming the building to 62 Castle Street Hotel.


In 2021, we completed our own renovations and refurbishments, transforming this historic landmark building into a boutique hotel experience for the city of Liverpool. With 20 beautiful rooms (of which 18 are suites) it offers a range of overnight options for all our visitors.